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Obama said it will be hard for him to wear the jersey, but told the Cubs: know that among Sox fans I am the Cubs No. 1 fan. After the Cubs won the series in November, Obama asked the team on Twitter if it wanted to visit the White House before his term ends Friday..

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Robin was such a strong supporter of the local music scene that it no surprise that so many artists immediately signed on to play the benefit. And feature Jen Chapin, Bob Burger, Matt O Maybe Pete, Joe D Rob Tanico, Keith Monacchio, No Wine for Kittens, Temporary Grace, Jo Bonnano the Godsons of Soul and Ken Shane, along with special guests. Suhoskey was a member of the Belmar Elks and the Jersey Shore Jazz and Blues Foundation, and was well known for her passionate support for the local music scene..

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I think the Saints would like to see him put together an injury free season before moving him up the depth cart. Henderson has proven that he’s a solid starter and can make plays when called upon. His experience showed on Thursday night when he immediately adjusted his route and got open for an easy touchdown on the opening drive.

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I remember my wife talking to a computer company we were

Hair removal has been a popular practice for many hundreds of years. Frequently, the removal would take place for cultural or spiritual reasons, but humans evolved and developed and we began to value individuality and freedom of expression, it has taken on different reasons, and fashion dictated different forms of hair removal. Looking back to the 1970s, for example, when people “let it all hang out”, it was not considered taboo to be hairy.

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